28.March. 2011

After one and a half year, the festival tour for "Babylon 2084" is slowly getting to an end. But on the 25.3. it was shown on the small but classy X_Science Festival in Genua, where it was rewarded with a "special mention" which reads like this:

"Recycling, rebuilding, evolving without knowing why makes the future bleak and sometimes the answer is found in the basement and not in the sunny Eden above the clouds"

30.Sept. 2010

Without announceing on this NEWS-page, "Babylon 2084" was shown in Italy at the Pentedattilo Film Festival, and in Lima (PERU) at the La  Noche  de los  cortos, where the Film won 2 Awards (“Best Camera” und “Best Art-Direction”)!!!

In October "Babylon 2084" will be shown at the
27. Festival de Cine de Bogotá, COLOMBIA and at the Festival Internacional de Jóvenes Realizadores de Granada, SPAIN

8.August 2010
In September "Babylon 2084" will be screened here:
San Sebastián Film Festival
I've seen films - International Film Festival
8.August 2010
...and another award: „Best Short Film (Section SCI-FI)“ at the CyBorg Film Festival
25.Jul 2010
Babylon wins the 1 Price /Sci-Fi category at
The International Indie Gathering 2010
20.Jul 2010
Upcoming Festivals:
Grossmann Film & Wine Festival
6th Singapore Short Film Festival, Singapore
Reikäreuna-elokuvafestivaali, Orivesi, Finland
Trimediafestival, Colorado, USA
25.May 2010

Babylon 2084 gets an Honorable Mention at the IVY Film Festival, and it will be shown at the 24th of June on the "FEST - Festival International de Cinema Jovem" in Portugal and between the 14th and the 18th of July on the "CRYPTSHOW FESTIVAL" in Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelona).

9.May 2010

more festivals screening Babylon 2084:
One Country One Film
6th International Short Film festival Venlo
CyBorg Film Festival
Asterfest - International Film Festival
Montreal Underground Film Festival
The Polly Staffle Grindhouse Fest
Kan Film Festival

26.March 2010
Babylon 2084 winns „Grand Jury Award for Best Student Film“ at the
Washington DC Independent Film Festival
01.March 2010
Some collected news:
More Screening of Baylon20084@:
Washington, DC Independent Film Festival
33. Grenzland-Filmtage
U of T Film Festival
Singapore International Film Festival
Roma Independent Film Festival
Many thanks to Montage+ for the herlp with the digibetaprint !
20.Januar 2010
We received a surprise letter from Malta, Babylon was screended there in November
@Golden Knight 09
20.Januar 2010
The blog Opium asked Christian Schleisiek for an interview, read it here
09.January 2010
we got a call from Mumbai, Babylon will be screened and is finalist at the 16isto9, Mumbai, India
30.December 2009
The US premiere will be at the derbycityfilmfest, Louisville, USA
04.November 2009
Babylon 2084 travels overseas and will be screended at
the 7th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal
25. October 2009
The next screening will be at the studentfilmfestivalawards in Brighton, UK
13th October 2009
Babylon is going to be screended this weekend @ The Festival of Fantastic Films 2009, Manchester, UK
06th October 2009
The Next Screening is going to be at the Konstanzer kurz.film.spiele 24.10.09 Konstanz, Germany
26th September 2009
Our first official screening will take place on the First of October at the sitgesfilmfestival, Sitges Spanien
26th October, 2008
 … and another batch of pictures (we tried to find some of all of our helpers, but this proved to be quite challenging): setfotos
20th October 2008
At long last our making of pictures are online as well
(to be found under the deading setfotos)
24th August 2008
Today is the day – the first babylon2084 shots are online
(to be found under the heading
19th August 2008
Shooting all wrapped up!!!! The last take was clapped, which we celebrated abundantly. A long, exhausting but nevertheless great shooting phase is now finished, and we eagerly await the film release. A big thank-you to our fantastic team – we couldn’t have done this without you!
13th August 2008
Halftime!! Half the shooting is completed. Thanks to our great and motivated teams we are done for today and are able to look forward to a day off on Thursday!!
9th August 2008
Shooting starts in a big hall in Boppstraße, Mainz. Thanks to all the busy bees for coming. Here goes – let’s hope for the best :)
2nd Augus 2008
Just one week left before the actual shooting starts on 9th of August. We still need every helping hand we can get. If you’re interested, email us at babylon2084[at]googlemail.com
30th Juli 2008
The casting for E90-1248, Nathan and No. 1 has been finished! more
2nd Juli 2008
Launch of Website Babylon 2084


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